Area 1 - Downtown Gadsden

PRICE: $19,900                            MLS#1050284
DESCRIPTION: 1523 Forrest Ave. Gadsden 
Vacant commercial lot located downtown Gadsden---ideal for small car lot parking lot or multi-purpose lot
PRICE: $39,900                        MLS# 1051797
DESCRIPTION: Main Street Gadsden 35901
Good level lot---located right across the street from the new Gadsden City High School---good location for business or multi-purpose use.
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PRICE: $189,000                        MLS# 1133759
DESCRIPTION: 1290 S. 11th Street Gadsden Al 
One stop shop --- 2 gas pumps with overhead canopy --- 3 separate bay areas to the left ---2 baths kitchen office and coolers ---