Buyer’s Resources:
- Get Pre-Qualified!!!
We have a list of Mortgage Companies!
- Always get a Home Inspection
Ask us for a short list of Home Inspectors!
- Ask about Title Insurance
This will benefit you in the long run!
- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
If we can't answer them, we will send you to someone who can!

Seller’s Resources:
- 4 things a seller pays for when selling a home
Real Estate Commission
Pro-rated Taxes
Alabama Wood Infestation Report (termite inspection)
- Always keep your home looking good for prospects!
Neutral paint colors
Limit the number of family photos
Have the room bright and smelling great!
- You may have a seller's disclosure on file for potential prospects
This is a list of repairs or improvements that have been done on the property
- What To Do While Your House Is Being Shown
Most buyers like to take a look at the property without the owners on hand
- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
If we can't answer them, we will send you to someont who can!

Market Analysis:
It is definitely a buyers market now. Interest rates are at an all-time-low, and the market is flooded with homes. Now is the perfect time to find your dream home at a price worth smiling at.

School Report:
Always check with the local Board of Education to make sure you are in the correct school district you are looking for or wanting to be in!

Moving Tips:
- Decide whether you want to use a professional mover or
go with a rental service and move yourself.
- Make sure all your furniture will fit in your new home
- You may want to rent a disposal unit to discard clutter
and make the move easier
- Develop a list of all those who need to know your new
address and phone number
Credit Cards